Hidden gems in Calcutta – The city of Joy! 

About last night..! Never judge a book by it cover stands true..!

This quite little rustic place in the heart of old Calcutta was suggested by a dear friend Chang Mingkhwa & Sylvia Chang.. The first look of this place wasn’t very encouraging.. The gully itself was scary.. With all street dwellers on the road cooking, eating n sleeping with loud music being played.. Managed to find the place with lil difficulty..

Once you enter, your perception still doesn’t change.. With few iron tables n plastic chairs, n a scooter parked inside the restaurant isn’t very appetizing..! Went with the order suggested by Ming, steamed chicken wontons, chilli pork and some hot n sour chicken soup..! What i read in #Zomato was all good.. This place is called as the ‘hidden gem’ n people spoke high of the quality as well as quantity.. I was about to see it myself..

First came the soup. Frankly i have had better soups than this. Should have tried the clear soup which many people has suggested. This was just okay with bit of taste missing in it.. Next came the steamed wontons.. This was absolutely delicious.. So soft that it almost melted in mouth.. With the small green veggies which gave the perfect taste to the yummy wontons. With this my expectations went sky high.. Next came the Chilly pork fry.. Let me tell you, i am very selective n choosy when it comes to pork.. But had to try it here as many had suggested.. N boyyy, I’m glad i did try it..THIS WAS THE BEST PORK OF MY LIFE.. There,i said it.. The quality of pork was exceptional.. Never have i had pork which is cooked so well.. N taste was just out of this world with the right amount of spices n veggies.. God, I’m still drooling over it.. 2 bottles of mazaa to drown all this yummy food with made my day.. Happy i came back to the hotel with my tummy n soul both full 😇 Thanks Ming & Sylvia 😘

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Chaat wali gully.. The streets! 

Tung Nam – The hidden gem in Calcutta! 

Chicken hot & sour soup

Steamed chicken wonton

The best pork i ever had.. Chilli pork fry! 


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